Brandtson - Over And Out Lyrics

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Brandtson Lyrics

Over And Out Lyrics

Radio man,
get us a signal,
we need to establish
some communication.

You're breaking up captain,
repeat your position,
receiving distortion,
repeat your location.

Echo to base,
we're taking on fire,
send reinforcement
we can't hold the line.

We're under attack
requesting permission
to sound the retreat
and forfeit the mission.

Say it back,
say it loud,
send us help
and send it now.
we're not waiting any longer
now you've got to get us out

Radio man,
try them again,
it's now or it's never
if you want to live.

They're moving in close
we're losing our light,
if we don't reach them now
then we won't last the night

Echo to base,
the front line is down,
the company's weak
and too few to hold out,

Captain come back,
please say again,
the signal is fading out
someone come in.

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