Dam - Spiritual Void Lyrics

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Dam Lyrics

Spiritual Void Lyrics

Irrational decisions, subconscious infliction
Religions dividing, Imposing their visions of earth
Riding the fury of others
Aspiring inert mounds of martyred flesh

Reckless collection of minds
Canning words and maggots hook
False prophets to die by the book
Stealing dreaming souls blind

New world age of bible farce
More the filth of words they are
Suited brown and green and black
Whores that dare stare spirits down

Stilted masks don spewing crowds
Dismal, reflective
Sick in human flaws they weep
Vomit egos brawl and rule

World visions collide
Within this spirit void hold nothing true
Dying for your ideas
Subsidies, the joke's on you

Subconscious denial, religious infliction
Sordid, destructive, disgusting spirits of earth
Fanatics corrupting,
Embroiling the childish and desperate

Hateful icons spread their mould
Graceless, stoic, useless
Desperate frenzied twisted souls
Dying to worship their void.

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