Daphne Loves Derby - Deserts Eating Oceans Lyrics

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Daphne Loves Derby Lyrics

Deserts Eating Oceans Lyrics

i can't believe that we've survived
the silent songs the night conspires
while we sleep all alone in our beds
waiting for our eyes to fall and rest
remember when we used to think that
all of our childhood dreams would fall into place
by some heavenly grace
but now i can see
i've made a big mistake
i've been searching for something that would
soothe like water
only to find that these paths have led me into desolate desert lands
and i try, i try so hard to beat my dreams in darkness
but in the light i can see your
every little mistake
and every time it's too late to hide
i just wanna fade right out of myself
like when shadows disappear in twilight
and it's getting so much harder to accept
the fact that i am stuck here
i can't hide from my own eyes
i can't hide from my own

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