Dayglo Abortions - After This Beer Lyrics

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Dayglo Abortions Lyrics

After This Beer Lyrics

things I'd like to tell you
Just some things that might help you
Just some things that worked for me
She's got a bruise
On her eye

After this beer
I'll turn the TV on
After this beer
I'll take the garbage out
After this beer
I'll cure the common cold
After this beer
I think I'll have another

There is no point
In getting involved
Because your
Has already been solved
After a while
We'll make it work
Get me a beer
C'mon now honey
Be a dear

I'll show you who's the boss
After this beer
You'll forget your insulin
After this beer
I work all fucking day
After this beer
And now you're gonna pay
After this beer

When I say get me a beer
I mean get me a fucking beer

I really showed that stupid bitch
I guess I got the 7 year itch
lost his word
the other is
I see red
With thoughts of murder
Running through my head

I know I'll never change
After this beer
I guess I was born this way
After this beer
I together
After this beer
I better have another
After this beer

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