Deer Tick - Clownin Around Lyrics

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Deer Tick Lyrics

Clownin Around Lyrics

Though I've walked down a crooked path
Then don't mean it wasn't cursed
My feeble heart was filled with wrath
My poison mind with thoughts perverse
And the devil is living my basement
I'm trying hard to hide him from my wife
And I know some day I'm gonna have to face him
But for now I keep my secrets with the night

As I breathe through this windy city
The devil he now rides upon my back
And all the boys here look mighty pretty
I need to fix and Lord I need it fast
I let my house guests rest in my crawl space
Don't let anyone tell you that I'm a bad host
I take cover behind my white face paint
While I battle my bitter father's ghost
Uhuu, uhuu, uhuu!

And by now the hounds have surely caught my scent
In just a short time I'm no longer free
Oh, Lord you know I would repent
But now the devil he speaks for me
And the icy needle kisses my veins
As I kiss my dear sister goodbye
Now as I descend into the final flames
Is my turn to die

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