Del Travar - Passenger Side Lyrics

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Del Travar Lyrics

Passenger Side Lyrics

Jump in the passenger
Follow my lead
For this thing overdrive
... love it when you... your hair
Every... I'll take you there
Girl you know I'll take you there
If our love is how... I wanna drive
Work our way in the sunset
Just hop inside
Don't let go
Nobody else has to know
Don't you have anything
I'll take it from here

I know you have been down on this road
But now is different
I'm gonna take this trip
Roll over
Let me drive
I'm gonna love you
Let me drive
I won't hurt you

Let me drive
Hope in the passenger side

Whatever road blocks that you faced back then
They are a review this is me not him
Let me take control of your heart

Promise you that I won't break it out
I love you right where it take it
You ain't got to worry
You are safe with me
Just give me the key
I wanna take you on a trip


We can roll really slow
With the top down
Listen to some on the radio
Take you where you wanna go [repeats]


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