The Design - What Will It Take Lyrics

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The Design Lyrics

What Will It Take Lyrics

Watch out!
Here it comes
Itís just like pulling off a band-aid
It shocks you but rocks you awake
You start to shake, but not in a bad way
Youíre gonna get it in your head someday
Youíll find a way
You got what it takes, and youíre gonna do it
So what will it take for this ice to break
For this mood to change?
What will it take?
Youíre learning the hard way
Itís easier than you think
Do you hear what I say?
Is there anybody in there?
Yes, but it donít feel that way
I hear what you say, but my mindís in the way
Can you come back another day when Iím not so gray?
No, itís too bad today is the only day, so do it
(Double chorus)
Do you know what youíre doing?
Does this make any sense at all?
Do you plan on improving?
Are you just waiting for the call?
Are the walls closing in?
Youíve got to climb over them
(Double chorus)

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