Dimhymn - Ceremony Of The Devil Lyrics

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Dimhymn Lyrics

Ceremony Of The Devil Lyrics

On the great and final day
The last day of life in this world
I shall show you all, the poison in my veins
In the name of the Devil I will kill
And the skulls of infants will be crushed
I will kill every fucking one I see

It will be a great ceremony in His name
The darkest of times will reveal before my eyes
And no life will be spared
Desecrate gods creation in every possible way and murder all
Infernal bells of destruction will be present

I praise His name and I am a part of Him
I have drunk His blood and therefore I'm chained to Him
And with His poison in my veins I will
Spread fear among others
I can see the total destruction coming
The malignant time of total death

The day of the fallen angel, now so near
I want to be part of that great day, the day of armageddon
Satan, you can expect everything from me
My worship will be what kills the people around me

Your divine power is the very essence of true terror
I can't resist it, I'm forever devoted
Your power is so enormous
Your power is so enormous

I will welcome the destruction
You will unleash unto the earth
And so to the rest of the fucking universe
Master of plague, my soul is yours
And I'm forever devoted

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