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Miller St. Lyrics

today i saw a girl push a boy down. i felt really bad when his face hit the ground. and when he got up he had a bloody chin. she just stood there staring right back at him. i wonder what he did. it's not up to me. i guess i should just keep walking. maybe she was out of her mind, swinging her fists just for fun. instead of talking you scream and push him down. today on miller st. the sidewalk turned into a boxing ring. people started circling them and i really wonder why they care. he laid there on the ground getting beaten with a purse, just looking around. i think she was having a blast, then the police came so she started to run. maybe she's worried he's a little discouraged. he's not an understanding guy. maybe she's confusing the lines that she's using from a book she read last night.

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