Divina Inferis - Apeiron Lyrics

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Divina Inferis Lyrics

Apeiron Lyrics

Reason beyond reason
First cause, sick and twisted
Raging inside my flesh
The seed of the creator
Venomous semen of our Lord in eternity
Seething inside us, the trembling sinners

We, sinners, beg you to hear us
Deliver us, O Keeper of Death
Through your lightning and tempest
Through plague, famine and blood
Through your anger, hate and ill-will
Into baptism of everlasting Death
For we are nothing but objects
Of your cruel creation
And so shall it be
As it was in the beginning

Glory be to you
And to your perfection and symmetry
Which is surrounding our incomplete world
In a form of Death
Let us unite in you
Like drops of rich opium into dry, hungry veins
And let us see the colourless horizon of fulfillment and wonder

His arm achieves the mastery of our misery and death
Glory be to the Father of our doom, as it was in the beginning

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