DMX - It'll Be Alright Lyrics

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DMX Lyrics

It'll Be Alright Lyrics

Uh, yeah sometimes, you just don't know... what you're here for... just keep walking, babe.

I don't know what you've got cut out for me, and my life, but I know... it'll be alright...
I don't know what, if anything, that you want me to do, but I'm a do... what it wants me to...

I'm a make it (make it) even though it looks rough (rough).I've been a little scared, and sometimes shook up.when it's like that, all I got to do is look up-directly to God (man) I've got the hook up... We go through what we go through... all for a purpose.we in the business of service, and most of y'all should've heard this, so whatever I do, I'm a do to the best of my ability even if it's killing me, feeling me? that's the real of me.some us got it, and some don't.some stand for what they believe in, and some won't.some us do wrong with no remorse.some of us do wrong, see the light, and change course.


I don't ask questions I don't need to know the answer to if at the end of the day, I know who I'm a answer to.there ain't none of us bigger than God.what it is: the more dirt you've been through, the bigger the scar... the more hurt you've been through, the bigger you are, and we'll see what is bigger than what you figure you are.we're all part of the plan, and try to stay at the right side of the fence (what) with the devil riding your can remember... sometimes, that's all you can remember, but it won't always be as cold as dark comes to an end, they always do with the word of's always true... have faith, babe!


I'm looking back (looking back) at life: how it was.I see that I was right where I was... right where I was.where I was supposed to be WITH God in my heart, and the devil close to me.he chose me to be an example to us all, and even if you stagger, you ain't got to fall.well even if you fall down, you get back up.whatever you think it is, it ain't that rough cause there's gonna be a time when enough is enough! you get up cause you're fed up, straight up, call the devil a bluff cause, hey, God is the glory: I've been through it in his lies, waiting to be saved by me... TELL 'EM MY STORY!


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