Dragonheart - Night Corsaries Lyrics

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Dragonheart Lyrics

Night Corsaries Lyrics

Tales from the spirit of gold
Hunters come in the night of glory
Prophets lying and creating gods
Proclameting darkness, my master fall

Break up point one thunder cry on
Forgotten realms move like a dragons
Fist full of fire and immortal kings
Earth and sea dominion without peace

Monsters and demons spreading in the air
A preacher calling for one great attack
Freedom!!! We don't fall out
Cry On!!! Magic forces on

Spikes shining under sun and moon
Sailing with the night corsaries
Came and fall for black steel crown
Sailing with the night corsaries

We flow in the wind on the seven seas
The purple horizon kill the waters
In deep ocean the galleys lean
Keeping reaches hide for the centuries

King of pirates slaving the coast
Cannons sing the tunne of the battle
Ships are boards with iron and fire
Rum is the fuel for ours desires

Seven seas
Distant skies
Old fortunes
Waiting for us tonight
In the storms
Crossing waves
Bright steel
Killing in the hands of braves

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