Drew Kennedy - Ramblin Heart Lyrics

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Drew Kennedy Lyrics

Ramblin Heart Lyrics

I don't run in circles
I'd rather hang around the bend
So I can see what's coming
Instead of coming 'round again
I don't need a reason
Reason ain't a friend of mine
If you're gonna take the long way home
You'd better make good time

Every morning when I wake up
I try to make the day up
As I go along
I'm in the groove of a man on the move
I can't stop and start
These wheels keep rolling
And I know
I've got a wandering bone in my soul
And a ramblin' heart

I have gotten lucky
But I'm better known for running 'round
If there's and enemy I've had
It's in the breaking down
I have seen the miles
More than they've seen of me
I've left country girls and city women
Right where they're supposed to be


Sometimes in the morning
When the sun begins to rise
I swear that I see heaven
Along that yellow line


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