Drew Kennedy - White Lightning Lyrics

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Drew Kennedy Lyrics

White Lightning Lyrics

White lightning by the bottle
Blue Ribbon by the can
Tobacco from Virginia
and a Blue Ridge bluegrass band
Thatís all Iíve ever needed
to get me through the day
White Lightning from the bottle
from Franklin county way

Up there in a holler
way out in the woods
Thereís a drum made out of copper
and theyíre stoking it with wood
Youíd better not come around
if they donít know your face
Or in those woods youíll stay


Them boys they grow tobacco
of a foreign breed
You donít have to buy it
when you raise it from the seed
The know all the ins and outs
and they stay a step ahead
ĎCause they ainít giviní in to the Feds


Now Iím down here in Texas
ainít had it in a while
But every time I see a mason jar
I canít help but smile
And think of all them rednecks
up in olí VA
Wish they were in Texas today


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