Driller Killer - In The Name Of Namedropping Lyrics

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Driller Killer Lyrics

In The Name Of Namedropping Lyrics

Lost Profits, P.O.D, Korn, some 41 Mushroomheads
A lullaby soundtrack for the ones born dead
Stinkinpork, cheezytown - stole the moffathanzon sound
Bushnicklbax, "hardrock" attack = n sinkin backseatboys on crack

Big biz´ this punkrockthing, millionaires and safetypins
Look dumb, act weird, ripped shirt ohdear...
Thank "god" grunge´s dead, Kurtspentahead, paid the price
It took a shot, and what we got: Courtney "pound of pussy" love, nice

Who are these rebels, where do they come from? Cumposerscum
And gimme some, some of that pink tasty bubblegum, borefuckindumb
No hope, No future, No balls - that suits ya
There´s no hope for me, you see, I gotta be on the MTV

SugarRay, hip as gay, name a fucking song they play?
Jump on the spot, a new hotshot, seen it, heard the ugly lot
Moneymetal up thy ass, angry on command high - class
On MTV I rest my eyes, misery in disguise

Make-up, tune down, new wig?
N´ bigbadboots to cover up a crapsound...

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