Driller Killer - Power Hour Lyrics

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Driller Killer Lyrics

Power Hour Lyrics

Dressed in uniforms, skulls on their caps
Theyīre on the prowl, now donīt you collapse
Remember the years 39-45, the lowest race tried to stay alive
(I lead u into victory, weīll be the only race soon, canīt u see
Iīm the leader, I gotta be, coz I lead insanity)

Age - eye - tea - ell - ea - are

With the big A at the wheel, they sat on the gas
Marching through cities, a massacre mass
People backing him up all along, digging those graves, thereīs nothing wrong
Trained to torment, they were the champs
Working overtime in the ss camps

Hit the shower - power hour
Nowhere to run, why bother regret
Itīs already done...

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