Dudley Perkins - Sally Lyrics

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Dudley Perkins Lyrics

Sally Lyrics

Show me things I ain't ever seen before.
The whole universe is off to explore
Founding through the fabric of space and time;
Lady you blew my mind.

Is this dream or is this reality?
Like waking up in the matrix; I'm no longer me.
You have control of my body; under control.
You grab hold of my soul.

Had a strong hold;
Time holds in when I'm in; can't see where I end or begin.
Are you truely a friend?
Where did I go? Where have I been?
Mind blowing.

Now all knowing; growing. Come with in see the light; try to fight. I had to let go and give in.
Is this right? Pick and flight. My ego must come to an end.
As the grin turns into hysterical laughter;
What is my search? What am I after?
I just have to explore
I've just got to know more
Sally, please, open up the door.



Oh, what a rush
As you pull and push;
Got me higher than kush.
So sensitive to your every touch.
Out of the body is what I feel.
This has got to be real.

Flickering flames dance and amaze me.
Holding on to my sanity; am I going crazy?
God has got us in a remarkable trance.
Tripping like LSD, girl, you got me.

Walking through heaven; at the same time hell.
I call out and yell. (HELP!)
Like being in a dream, no one can hear me scream.
Am I breaking through all because of you?

What a ride.
Rest in pieces from the inside as my thoughts takes form.
My body is warm and sweaty.
A tear falls from my eye because I don't think I was ready.
It's way too heavy.
I can't stay.
I got to go.
Is it love or lust? I don't know.

It's getting dark.
Where did the glow go?
Stone cold to the pore of my being.
What in the world is this that I'm seeing?
Far beyond believing; this feels like the way I be leaving earth.
Please wake me from this dream it; it hurts.
My whole life flipping at the seams.

I pray to god and the heavens around me
We now live in a world of little or no love.
Hate surrounds me.
Sally I'm so still and I'm glad that you found me.



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