Dwele - I'm Sorry (Wake The Musical Baby) Lyrics

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Dwele Lyrics

I'm Sorry (Wake The Musical Baby) Lyrics

Within a dream; I try to catch myself; and awaken myself
Before I dream of something else;
(And have the greatest song ever wrote) (oooh)
And with a hazy eye; I build myself upright; grab for my pen and screw; to bear my soul and I hope; the hand can translate my flow; (hmmm)
For overzealous pen it seems; it has a dream of being; the ink of man's soul;
The greatest pen this hand will ever hold; sometimes in the journey though, the mind to pen seems so cold; the translation is hard to hold; and we ain't even got to the studio; and now she waits to distract my motivated stroll;
Come back to bed; is the song she sings; she hates when I wake her from her lucid dream; but she don't know what this song could mean; (oh I) Why can't it wait; wait til the sun's a little bit higher; she still burns from last nights fire; and she wants me to douse the flame; but wait, If I did the song wouldn't be the same...
I'm sorry

Do do do do do do do do...

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