Dying Passion - I'm Walking Lyrics

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Dying Passion Lyrics

I'm Walking Lyrics

Proudly I'm walking,
straight to my fortune
I'm not cringing, not blind, not in fear.
I know it my buddy,
Now nothing can stop me.

Sometimes it makes me cry,
When I see dull hoard standing in my way.
I keep on walking, under arms.
Who touched me, has got to pay.

Palm your hand in mine
I'm going to tell you, what's hidden in you.
Maybe we'll break the line
But the price is always too high.

What's on your mind when you look to sky full of stars
What will you learn from the whisper of the night time breeze
How blissful is to stay awake today
I'm completely happy just to be next to you.

And I'm not alone,
we know what we know.
One as another
Scatlet sunrise on the horizon.
There all ends as well as begins.

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