Dying Passion - Reed Lyrics

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Dying Passion Lyrics

Reed Lyrics

She was in your hearts
And she was in your mind,
She was in all stinking sewers
But she wasn't satisfied.

She breathed the art
And drank sorrow,
She felt freedom
But she wasn't understood.

I had met her in the reed,
She was crying and told me her story
And then she laughed, dance and sing
Because no one could understand her.

She sang:
Dancing, I'm dancing, dancing...

I took off my shoes
And walked around the whole country,
Then I saw the sunset,
Its laugher too.

I came to the reed,
My body starts to dance,
I'm laughing and singing
Because no one can understand me.

I sing:
I'm singing and dancing, I'm dancing.
Dancing, I'm dancing...

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