Dying Passion - The Creeps Lyrics

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Dying Passion Lyrics

The Creeps Lyrics

I'm horrified wherever I'm proceeding.
Just like a bomb burst up in the middle of the crowd,
A mummery shreads of thoughts I've got on my brain
And I feel, the ground below my feet is shaking

It's not me
somebody crazy occupy my mind.
It makes me shudder to realize his strategy.
Everyday I wake up early in the morning
And I hear the frantic beating of my heart.

Thus demons in the multitude're marching to conquer my mind,
They mighty outnumber me and they've got heavy arms.
Leftover torsos of my immaculate thoughts're running for their life,
Weak and defenceless, sheltered only by the dark.

Oh, disparity of forces and my first battle lost.
If I fell in this private war, my honour will be the cost.

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