Eternal Lord - Get To Fuck Lyrics

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Eternal Lord Lyrics

Get To Fuck Lyrics

So looking back I can see what you mean
The look on his face said it all (and) in regret,
He looks at himself then in silence he screams.
Then packed his bags,
With a locked stare he heads for the door.
I know she'll get what she deserves!

Another clenched fist that's raised to the face
We'll keep this one to ourselves.

The body hits the floor, the bones break and form a key.
One less whore to my name, one more notch on the kill count.
cant you see through holes in your hands ?
Once worship is now pity.
When did I really lose you?

We'll keep this to ourselves, but I've had it up to my neck.
You'll get what you deserve, your fair share of all this heart ache.
Quit trying to save yourself
You were fucked before you even started.

I could have left you with heart shaped bruises
I would have left you with heart shaped bruises
To show how much I really cared.

God Damn

I could have replaced your cold heart with a clock,
At least you'll still be ticking.

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