Harvist - When Nothing Becomes Lyrics

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Harvist Lyrics

When Nothing Becomes Lyrics

I cried out to my lord
That it might open the wall of my heart
And show me the thing I amthe thing I am.
All of my life I walked in the world
Yet I had not understanding.
All of my life I glorified self
Singing the glory of myselfI let the passion of self
Serve for my full sufficiency.
As the falcon swoops at dawn
As the owl strikes at dusk
I flew, but I knew not the face
Of the light in which I flew.
Passing of the hoursare blurred again once more
Fragments of time lay squandered
My life spent on the floor.
I had a savior in my soul
But I riddled his brow with thorns
I had a divine redeemer
But I nailed him to a post.

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