Hexx - Edge Of Death Lyrics

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Hexx Lyrics

Edge Of Death Lyrics

Waiting quietly for the dawn
Watching over the hills
The fire glows it keeps you warm
On the edge of the night

Looking out upon the mob
They've got death in their eyes
Is it fate that claims your life,
Or some other man's lies?

On the Edge of Death
See your life before your eyes
On the Edge of Death
The Reaper has come
Now it's your turn to die

The noose is placed around your neck
The blood runs cold in your veins
Mr. Death waits in the wind
To take you out of this place

The preacher speaks the final words
That you are to hear
Dreams of life after death
To cast out the fear

Fight for your soul
The Reaper is here
This is the end
Screaming, it's time to go
On the Edge of Death

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