Hub City Stompers - Latina Rose Lyrics

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Hub City Stompers Lyrics

Latina Rose Lyrics

One Saturday on A & St. Marks,
What caught my eye west side of the park,
Was a fiery spark with eyes so dark.
Skin glazed to gold from equator's sun light,
And hair as black as my darkest of nights,
And her 10-eye boots and A-1 Flight...oh that's so right.

Words from her mouth flew in rapid fire.
What could I do to ground this live wire?
Binaca'd my doggie breath, tucked in my spare tire.
Dare I approach this Latina Rose?
My heart ablaze, my gaze of lust froze,
Watching her put those steel toes to some ho's nose...that's how it

Dropped to my knees, wiped the blood from her Doc's.
Gave compliments to her sweet knuckle knocks.
Gave her my phone number shaking in my socks.
A smile and "gracias" was her reply.
"Hasta luego", that was goodbye.
Will I ever see her again? I'll sure as hell try!

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