Hub City Stompers - Little Julie Swastika Lyrics

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Hub City Stompers Lyrics

Little Julie Swastika Lyrics

Julie, Julie let me be your man
and we'll be under the sheets like the Ku Klux Klan.
Be my little Philly and I'll be your Stallion,
we'll tell all your friends I'm just a dark-skinned italian.

Segregation, I know you like to talk it
but on cold, Nordic nights bet you want some "hot chocolate".
Come and see how the black boot fits
and let me be your little Hershey Kiss.

With 88 kisses and 14 words of love,
Our Passion's flashin' lightning bolts like Odin's up above.
Just 'Heil' high and hard and I'll know where you are,
my little Julie, little Julie Swastika.

Your naughty taboo curiousity must make you wonder.
Come my blue-eyed devil, ride the storm with chocolate thunder.
I'll wine you up & dine you up, spend my every dollar,
Take you home and knock the boots from here to Valhalla.

My mind is made now don't you be afraid my little Julie.
I've never had an aryan, you've never had a moolie.
Don't you go through life in denial of this fact:
Once you go black you never go back.

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