Ian Parry - Humanitarian Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

Humanitarian Lyrics

Ever felt a breeze, cold
Running down your spine
Not a single soul, in sight
Then someone's spirit is walking, over your grave

D' you really care, no time to spare, to help along
Don't judge me wrong, I belong
As a Humanitarian

Fools, can't be told
What to do, they learn the hard way
Only fools, won't be shown, what's the use
They learn the hard way.

Please, go away, don't bother me I'm working
When I can find, the time
If you just wait a while longer
A few years, then I'll help

You roam around, wasting time
And never think twice
Make up your mind, step in line

[Repeat Chorus]

Fool's can't be shown [repeat]

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