Imago Mortis - Across The Desert Lyrics

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Imago Mortis Lyrics

Across The Desert Lyrics

I believe
That faith moves the mountains of illusion
You have the power to do it
I believe

I believe
There's something for me beyond the ending
The ending is not the fading
The eyes can't see it but you can feel it!

You wait for miracles
My soul yearns for reality
The truth is out there
But it seems to be falling away from me

I believe
The sands of the desert hide the truth
And that ignorance is not a bliss

Before the mirror
Pieces begins to fit
I keep on thinking
The wings are changing

Don't carry the weight of all past lives upon your shoulder
But there are lessons that you keep
Holding on the feelings and deciphering codes
That's the way I realized what's true for me

I shall bleed
No retract
And you can't blind me

I see the hell and heaven
Were forged for your lies
Holding our hands in sins

One life
One voice
That echoes in eternity
Under the sun of destiny
Faith that fights against an army of fanatics
I'm just a wanderer
But I believe... love

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