Impiety - At War With Temujin Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

At War With Temujin Lyrics

Grand Overlord of fire & fury, Arise!
To front again command your horde casting total demise!

Satanic Glory!
Assemble the violent Brave!

Riding proud, fierce & fast
Fearless & unmerciful
Exterminating all in our path
Imminent your violent rule!

Empires forged in blood
Annihilate weak flocks of God
Crowning the desecration
At war.. With Temujin..

Blessed be your vengeful aim
Mighty tyrant of Imperial rule
Armies await to charge
Implementing holocaust & wrath!

Never once... You fail - To Obliterate!

Enemies: The Cross & White
(Our) Battalions triumph this fight!

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