Impiety - Ravage & Conquer Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

Ravage & Conquer Lyrics

Arise - Demonic legions, Flagellators
Horned sentinels, Goat gladiators...
Purge strength & power, Domination
Loyal tyrants, Will to conquer

Intolerance with vengeful vision
Allegiance sworn, subjugation
Contemptuous motive, Raid & pillage
Profane transgressions
Siege of irreverence

Suffer grave consequences, vanquish all hopes

Awaken - Troops of the Unlight, Persecutors
Barbarian Hordes, Fierce ravagers
Purge disease & demise, Despotism
Regal armies, Iron will to devour
Insolence, With horrendous action
Putrefaction, Foul stench of carrion
Rabid Deathstrike, Plague & suffering
Deceptive strategy
Siege of IMPIETY

Lightning fast, descending death
Razor talons penetrate
Bombarding without mercy
Victorious raid overthrow

It's the dawn of the conquering
Crush & ravage, trample all by force
Authorize the hammering
Smouldering rubble, of flesh & ash

It's the dawn of Conquering
Despoil all aggressors humiliate
Sanctify the bludgeoning
Plunder all, seize the throne

Ravage & Conquer
Raid & Trample
Ravage & Conquer
Usurp & Reign

Suffer grave consequences, vanquish all hopes
Onwards with the conquering, callous ravaging prevails

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