Impiety - Slaughterror Superiority Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

Slaughterror Superiority Lyrics


Demonic riders of of the Apocalypse
In ultimate satanic warfare
Elite regiments of chaos
Command total desecration
Diminished be the light of the 'savior' - Jesus Christ
Casting thunderous abominations
With endless might

Slaughterror Superiority!

Bludgeoning bastard Knights of Gods
In ugliest praise of death!
Unmatched Art of sadistic combat
Blasphemised Strength


We raise our blades..
Crowned by the glory of succession
Clenched Dictatorial Fist

Slaughterror Superiority!

Smashing the heavens
Delivering pure genocide
Hordes bred for blood
Craving destruction
Anti-religious intention
We smash them all

The Fall of all GODS!!!

In Arrogance...
Kings of Terror..
In Arrogance...
Lords of Death..

In the gleam of bloodied axes
Butchering the religious
Demolishing the heavens
In utter morbid violence

The slaughterror..

In the evil sign of massacre
Ripping up the Holy
We celebrate the Infamy
With Blasphemy and Impurity

Slay to Victory The Slaughterror Superiority!

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