Itchy Poopzkid - Final Breakdown Lyrics

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Itchy Poopzkid Lyrics

Final Breakdown Lyrics

Here I go once again.
I've learned my lesson.
I almost broke my neck
and you're about to bring me down.

I'm starring at my shoes
without expression.
One more time you're the king
who has just stolen my crown.

All I can see is just a wannabe
whose insecurity
is trying to kill me.
Behind your fucking mask,
a little jerk whose only task
is to bring others down,
that's all you are...

This won't be my final breakdown

The winner takes it all.
So, I gotta take the fall
and you're surprised that I don't mind.

Before I saw the things
right with your eyes,
so full of desperate lies,
I would rather be blind.

Down on the floor again.
Wanna watch me creeping?
You like to show me
that I am under your thumb.

Frustration in your eyes,
for attention seeking.
Too much hate in your life.
how could you be so dumb?!

Listen to what I say - I'm not as weak as you want me to be.
Remember what I say - maybe I'm a fool but at least I'm not like you!

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