Itchy Poopzkid - Said You'd Be There Lyrics

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Itchy Poopzkid Lyrics

Said You'd Be There Lyrics

See the pain and broken needles in our eyes?
Come watch us bleed, come watch us pant
nevertheless you're gonna see us hand in hand.

Broken promises and suffocating lies.
We didn't break, so now comply,
It must be horrible to go down as we rise!

You said you would be there
but where are you right now?
You said you would be there.

You said you would there
but all you are is a fake
nd you ain't worth attention.

How did it feel to run away from what we had?
Did it feel save?
Did it feel right?
Or was it just a way to escape from this fight?

Tell me you're satisfied and say you're happy too,
with what you have,
with what you say,
with all the principles you have thrown away.

Remember what we planned
against people we were hating.
But since you just went off
your trust is definitely fading.
It's definitely fading

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