Ivens - The 9th Letter Lyrics

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Ivens Lyrics

The 9th Letter Lyrics

Make way for the over flowing chalice chipped around the middle
Painfully stubborn charged up with a liquid spirit
Taken from the centre shelf oblivious to the deathly smell leaking at a steady pace
With every little out burst, crown made of cane evaporate
Knee deep in a puddle of diluted cadence
Skimming through the basics straight to the chapters of greatness
We're they ought not be meddelling in a head strong fellow is he
Who will not for the life of all come down from the perch to grounds of reasoning
What is real can hit with a mighty strength
Knocked down with a loss of breath
To be re-born one must encounter a little death
That is unless we are talking about this little mess now tainted
Exploiting ancient texts that some of us hold sacred
This rampant abomination tucked away freely breeding
Ironically tied in with a torture device around the neck
Commence raping of the elements with flaky ideas of cashing in
By catering for the insecure cattle herds of them
The "just add water" generation
Confusing state of emulating
An era that's been gone and for the better say those that lived it
Easy access for the trend setters
Colour blind, black is pink
All feeding from the same segils that were powerless to begin with
What was once avoided for fear of denial from the kingdom
Is stirring shit with the believers as to how these kids were drawn in
Silk screen choker chain poorly welded pendant swiped from the lowest branch of
A lonely planet placed in a trinket box
Along side those oh so important coolness points tallied up for the week end
Shared amongst the rest of the walking dead
Fellowship of empty vessels, penny lost, not to be found again
Round a circular path in search for the holy mountains entrance
That just raises another question
How long have you been festively questing for the answers lost
In a melting pot of tension
Third hand teachings are transparent, let us hear it from the force itself
But the absence of a so called almighty some one smells
And to delve into such issue can be hazardous for the basic
Fad attached to the end of a safety rope appealing to the nameless
Spit polish the dusty crest
Do what thou wilt to resurrect
The still lifeless image of a broken soul by all means interject
If I come across to go forward
I mean I, fuck there I said it
So it's back to the beginning via the ceremony of opening flesh

Back to the beginning via the ceremony of opening flesh...

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