Jennifer Hanson - '73 Lyrics

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Jennifer Hanson Lyrics

'73 Lyrics

Southern California
Standin' in the drive
A picture-perfect moment
Frozen in time
Mom holdin' Dad
Dad holdin' me
In '73

There's me in that striped dress
Beneath the Big Boy sign
Bottom of the Polaroid says fall of '79
Yeah, that's the night that Dad
Tried to explain to me
Why he had to leave

Everything changes
Hey, that's reality
Sometimes I wonder
How all our lives would be
If they'd'a stayed in love
(Like they were)
(In '73)

Here's pictures openin' presents
December '83
Some with Mom and some with Dad
Two different Christmas trees
And there's me and my new half-brother
In his baby-blue outfit
Winter '86

Mom and I, we both survived
Those awkward teenage years
Graduation '91
Dad flew back to be there
There's me in my cap and gown
Standin' between them
The three of us again

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