Jesse Powell - Can't Take It Lyrics

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Jesse Powell Lyrics

Can't Take It Lyrics

Late Friday night up in the club
Sippin on something nice
Checking out the honeys
Then you wanted
With all of your girlfriends
To the dancefloor
And insane I'm thinking

I'm what of that, somewhat of that
Can we make sometime
I'm feelin is looking good to me
Cause you're bouncing in around
Are you feeling me
Cause I'm feeling you
See you're lookin at me too
I like the way that you move

The way that you shake it
Is drivin' me wild
The way that you move it
Is makin' me go crazy
The way that you through with it
Is drivin' me wild
I want you come home with me
Can't take it
You're making me go crazy

Don't care what's up
I want make sure that you're mine, tonight
Cause I'm jerking for you
Go tell your friends
Now to took the look you win
The party is over
Cause you'll be with me


[2: x2]


[2: x2]

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