Jesse Powell - Invisible Man Lyrics

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Jesse Powell Lyrics

Invisible Man Lyrics

This may come some surprise
(But standing well within your sight
There's a love that never fades away
If I were to look into your eyes)
Would my reflection materialize
As the love you need or what used to be
(Or would I even see me)

Here I stand, the invisible man
You don't even see
What you do me oh
Don't you see me standing here
(Or have I disappeared
I might as well not even be here... at all)

Is funny how you see me
Baby when you need me
(Right out of thin air)
Somehow I re-appear
How am I suppose to feel
Wondering if your love is real
(If I'm here in vain)
I don't wanna stay but I can't stay away


(Seasons might change that colours)
But feelings remain
When it's really love
You might not see me
But I'll always be
Waiting right here for you to love


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