Joey Martin - See You There Lyrics

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Joey Martin Lyrics

See You There Lyrics

You waited all summer for that night to come around
Mom was in the kitchen and I was laying down
We said we'd meet up later at the county fair
As you closed the door you hollered.... see you there

Chorus 1

See you there, see you there
There was broken glass and blue lights everywhere
You were lying by your jeep
We hold our breath and said a prayer
We could hardly bare.... to see you there
No one had to tell us you were hurt real bad
To life-flight you to Indy was the only chance you had
Mama climbed in with you, she knew I was scared
As she closed the door she hollered... see you there

Chorus 2

See you there, see you there
There were lines and tubes and doctors everywhere
Daddy stayed up all night long right beside you in the chair
He could hardly bare to.... see you there

We sang "In The Garden" in our little country church
There must have been a mile of cars following your hearse

You'd think after ten years it wouldn't make me cry
But it's almost like you must've known
That night you said goodbye
That you were headed up to heaven and not to the county fair
When you closed the door and hollered... see you there

See you there, see you there

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