Josh Abbott Band - I Guess It's Time Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

I Guess It's Time Lyrics

Verse 1
Iím sitting under pine and oak trees
waiting on a summer breeze
to cool me down.
I think Iíve been up since dawn,
your memories carry on
without a sound.

So Iíll be sitting here thinking what to do.
God knows how I miss you.
Itís a shame this is what weíre gonna do.
But I guess its time I started getting over you.

Verse 2
Youíre like the peacocks down at the park,
so beautiful but you mean no harm
and you canít be caught.
I thought I had you in my arms one time
and everything was fine
until we fought.

Itís like the moment when the rain falls down,
how you broke my heart, what a lonely sound.
The clouds open to a new, clear sky.
Let me clear my mind, I guess its time.

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