Josh Abbott Band - I'll Trust You Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

I'll Trust You Lyrics

Verse 1
Trust is a funny thing,
never know what it can bring,
but it sure can cause you pain.
Iíve been hurt a time or two,
baby I know so have you
so lets put the past away.

And give this everything weíve got

Baby Iíll trust you in the night
When weíre both wrong, nobodyís right.
Letís agree to disagree.
Letís go slow, letís go fast,
letís just make sure we last.
And if you will I will too,
baby Iíll trust you.

Verse 2
Maybe you should let down your guard.
How else am I to get to your heart
and see how you feel?
Yeah thereís a chance I could hurt you again.
Thereís a chance youíll let me down.
But its important that we stillÖ

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