Josh Abbott Band - Let My Tears Be Still Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

Let My Tears Be Still Lyrics

Verse 1
My name is Lieutenant Colonel William Todd.
I flew the 101st Airborne in í42.
You may think that youíve met veterans like me before,
but you donít have a clue.

Verse 2
I flew Korea in the war you probably forgot.
I gave 40 years of damn near all I got.
I watched some of my closest friends die on foreign land.
I still hear their screams at night.

So donít you wipe away my tears.
Iíve earned them through all the years.
Just let Ďem roll down like a stream upon a hill.
Let my tears be still.

Verse 3
I met Jean Ann in a photograph in í44.
I swore sheíd be the girl to take my last name.
52 years passed til the Lord took her away,
but I still see Jean everyday.

Verse 4
At the end of my rope as I lay here in this bed.
Thoughts and prayers of my family circle through my head.
I pray when the Lord opens up the pearly gates wide
that Iíll see my Jean standing there in the light.

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