Josh Abbott Band - Scapegoat / Heart of Stone Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

Scapegoat / Heart of Stone Lyrics

Verse 1
You couldnít walk in my shoes; if you did well you would be as confused
cuz lonely hearts like mine are hard to findÖonly if you close your eyes.
So breathless here I stand suffocating on the words you choke me with.
You toss me down, throw me around, and you leave me in the dark.
Yeah you really play with my heart.

So go on and blame all my mistakes.
Iíll be the scapegoat for your sins and your shame
and then one day youíll be on your own.
Thatís the life for a heart like stone.

Verse 2
Screw you, Iíll sing it again, screw you for the selfish things you did.
I showed you truth and you threw lies back in my face.
Yeah you really wear your crown with grace.

Well you blame me for what I did and what I did not do.
Yeah you blame me; well baby Iím throwing it back to you.

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