Kelly Willis - Got A Feelin' For Ya Lyrics

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Kelly Willis Lyrics

Got A Feelin' For Ya Lyrics

I might bark at you and get a little loud
And embarrass you, someday in a crowd
Might run you 'round in circles, make you dizzy in the head
I might run you ragged once or twice, forget to get you fed

But hold on tight, let it roll right over you
You should know I'd never do you no harm
'Cause I got a feelin' for ya
A real deep feelin'

Sometimes I get a little stubborn, feel like you're talking to a wall
It don't mean that I don't love you baby, it don't mean nothin' at all
Cans are made for kickin', kick it all night and day
When I get stuck on somethin' baby, nothin' can pull me away


I hear bells a-ringin', it's coming down the street
I'm in the mood for something sticky, need my ice cream treat
The road may get rocky, and the ride may get rough
I might drive you crazy, you might think you've had enough


A real deep feelin'
Something how I feel about you
Never let no one or nothin' mistreat you baby
Crazy as I am, I got a feelin'

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