Melissa Ferrick - Honest Eyes Lyrics

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Melissa Ferrick Lyrics

Honest Eyes Lyrics

Well if there's a way
N' if there's something
That you want to hear me say
If there's a little hope
Somewhere inside you for us both

Would you please reconsider
This drastic means of giving in
To our givings
Would you please take my hand
N' help me understand
What the problem is

I think we've got to
Look at each other with honest eyes
Got to tell each other how we feel
Leave nothing inside
Give me your heart
And I will give you mine
But first we've got to start with
Honest eyes

Maybe you could direct me
To the right - the right train of thought
Because you see I don't think that I am on it
'Cause it's foggy down here
I'm along and I'm scared
All I can hear is
Your beating heart
Your beating heart
Your beating heart


Well if there's a way
Yes n' if there is hop
Would you please reconsider
Would you please reconsider

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