Night Blackmore's - Under A Violet Moon Lyrics

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Night Blackmore's Lyrics

Under A Violet Moon Lyrics

Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a violet moon

Tudor Rose with the hair in curls
Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the bridge
Under a violet moon

Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We're going back to a time we knew
Under a violet moon

Cheers to the Knights and days of olde
the beggars and the thieves
Living in an enchanted wood
Under a violet moon

Fortune teller what to you see
Future in a card
Share your secreds, tell them to me
Under a violet moon

Close your eyes and lose yourself
In a medieval mood
Taste the trasure and sing the tunes
Under a violet moon

Tis my delight on a shiny night
The season of the year
To keep the lanterns burning bright
Under a violet moon

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