Notre Dame - A Scrooge Tale Lyrics

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Notre Dame Lyrics

A Scrooge Tale Lyrics

Dear father x-mas your name is on my list
I make you an offer you can't resist - Scrooge
Bring in the big guns, oh see! it's raining deers
I've been a real bad boy this year - Scrooge
A giant shadow re-emerges with scythe in hand
who is the reaper with the snow-white tan - Scrooge
repeating nightmares, he comes, he sows, he reaps
The Christmas spirit haunts me in my sleep - Scrooge
At every corner there's a beggar in a beard
who wants my money every god damn year...
expectant children terrorizing with their whine
"Jinglebells, jinglebells" oh shut the X and shove
these Christmas carols where the sun don't shine!

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