Notre Dame - Bouffoon Bloody Bouffoon Lyrics

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Notre Dame Lyrics

Bouffoon Bloody Bouffoon Lyrics

Bouffoon Bloody Bouffoon
Quiet please be quiet
You're not supposed to speak
At all unless I say so
Bouffoon Bloody Bouffoon!
I'll strangle you someday
You know you're just one
Arm's length away

Bouffoon! You're a bouffoon
But on the other hand
There's nothing there (there's nothing...)
Stop playing echo (stop playing echo)
You know I hate when you do that!
A ventriloquist's dilemma

Silence I said silence!
As a puppet on a string
You're not supposed to say a thing
Bloody Bouffoon
I know it's so cliché
We are all dolls of papier maché
Bouffoon Bloody Bouffoon

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