Notre Dame - Faust - The Ghostwriter Lyrics

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Notre Dame Lyrics

Faust - The Ghostwriter Lyrics

Rewrite the holy bible
My favorite author of horrors
Inspired by each other they borrow
Apparently there's only one
Modern Edgar Allan Poe
Then, I noticed a striking resemblance
Their S's has a slight obliqueness
The moment I saw it I knew
It has got to be, got to be... Faust

A pseudonym's seldom a haphazard
His surname is Oz as in wizard
With magic he fools everyone
No one ever seen his face
The marionettes of the critics
Reverse as the matter of facts it's
Americas best selling book
Is the world a big whorehouse or
What... Faust

Remarkable touch with the characters
His cryptical tales gives a us nightmares
A wordsmith with fingertip feel
What is fiction and what is real?
He feeds off of us then he hates us
An underground reached occult status
A misanthrope with a horde
- we who read between the lines

Withdrawn from a world in the limelight
Developed an authorship's stage-fright
Nocturnal like them in his books
Whom are sensitive to light
He's walking the streets incognito
It's over - the end - finito!
A star who's unwilling to sign
And that in 1999

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