Andorra National Anthem Lyrics

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National Anthems Lyrics

Andorra National Anthem Lyrics


Principat d'Andorra

(Principality of Andorra)

Himne Andorra

(Hymn of Andorra)

Original Catalan Words

El gran Carlemany, mon Pare dels alarbs em deslliurà,

I del cel vida em donà de Meritxell, la gran Mare,

Princesa nasquí i Pubilla entre dues nacions neutral

Sols resto lúnica filla de l'imperi Carlemany.

Creient i lluire onze segles, creient i lliure vull ser.

¡Siguin els furs mos tutors i mos Prínceps defensors!

English Translation

The great Charlemagne, my Father, from the Saracens liberated me,

And from heaven he gave me life of Meritxell the great mother.

I was born a princess, a maiden neutral between two nations.

I am the only remaining daughter of the Carolingian empire

Believing and free for eleven centuries, believing and free I will be.

The laws of the land be my tutors, and my defender Princess!

Lyrics: D. Joan Benlloch i Vivò

Music: Father Enric Marfany Bons

Adopted: 1914

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