Paraguay National Anthem Lyrics

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National Anthems Lyrics

Paraguay National Anthem Lyrics


Original Spanish Words

A los pueblos de América infausto,

Tres centurias un cetro oprimió,

Más un día soberbia surgiendo,

Basta!..., dijo y el cetro rompió.

Nuestros padres lidiando grandiosos,

Ilustraron su gloria marcial;

Y trozada la augusta diadema,

Enalzaron el gorro triunfal!

(repeat previous two lines)


Paraguayos, República o muerte!

Nuestro brío nos dió libertad;

Ni opresores, ni siervos, alientan,

Donde reinan unión, e igualdad.

(repeat previous two lines)

Unión, e igualdad.



For three centuries a reign oppressed

The unhappy peoples of America,

But one day, their anger aroused, they said:

"An end to this!" and broke the reign.

Our forefathers, fighting magnificently,

Displayed their immortal glory,

And when the august diadem was shattered,

They raised the triumphal cap of liberty.

(repeat previous two lines)


Paraguayans, Republic or death!

It was our strength that gave us our final liberty.

Neither tyrants nor slaves can continue,

Where unity and equality reign,

(repeat previous two lines)

Where unity and equality reign.


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